I am PhD candidate under the supervision of Ulle Endriss, Jan Maly, and Ronald de Haan at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam in (surprisingly) Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

My research interests lie mainly at the intersection between Economics and Computer Science, in a field known as Computational Social Choice. The typical problems arising in (computational) social choice concern the aggregation of individual opinions into a collective, such as when people vote in an election. I study different questions related to the aggregation of preferences, both from a mathematical and from a computational perspective.

At the moment, I am particularly interested in participatory budgeting, a democratic tool used to allow citizen to vote on how to allocation public founds. I am overall interested by all the topics of computational social choice, such as fair division or deliberation to name a few. I am also one of the maintainer of the website, a library of preference data.

If you have no idea what social choice scientists do, the following video will offer you a glimpse at the typical problems we study when it comes to participatory budgeting.

If you share my interests, want to discuss or collaborate, send me an email at


Survey on Indivisible Particiaptory Budgeting

There is a cool survey on indivisible PB that came out in March, check it out: ! I'll be happy to hear any feedback :)

New Preflib-Tools

The new version of the PrefLib-Tools, a python package to deal with instances taken from, is available on the GitHub repository. We also put together a clean documentation for them, available at

The new PrefLib is up

The new version of PrefLib is now online. You can have a look at it there: If you encounter any issue, let me know :)